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New features in hTWOo UI version 0.2.0

With yesterday released version 0.2.x there comes a new feature that helps you to create a responsive overflow for command bars and pivot bars.

This is especially useful in responsive scenarios where you don’t just simply hide menu items but make them still available in a fly-out menu.

You will find, from both pivot and command bar, the documentation directly in the style guide.

While I currently tested it with just those two components. The little JavaScript required for this is as universal as possible. It should allow you to apply this pattern to any element you like to have better controls off.

See it in action.

New documentation site

New site design fo the documentation site

New site design fo the documentation site

Finally, I create a new Jekyll theme that allows me to have a more dynamic documentation site so check it out:

If you like this project then please leave one of your many stars on the github repo, if you love this project fork it.

Thank you very much.

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