Browser-sync and node-gyp need some Vitamin C to run on Windows

Recently I had and issue with browser-sync on Windows. The problem came from node-gyp, a cross platform compiler that is integrated in Node.js. Exactly this module of Node.js was throwing an error that stated ‘Python is missing’ on Windows.
Actually the thing is a little bit more tricky and over the last couple of days I read many problems with node-gyp and Windows. Some mentioned to install Visual Studio Community Edition as well as other components found on the Microsoft Web Site.
The only thing Windows needs is just some Vitamin C in the form of a Visual C++.

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How to handle table component of Office UI Fabric

In fact the source code of the table component of Office UI Fabric looks a bit weird because it is currently built with <div> elements instead of HTML table elements.
The intention behind such div based tables come from the idea to improve the responsive behavior. This idea behind this is almost more than five years old. A time that marked the beginning of responsive web design. Nowadays this pattern is only hardly used because no matter how you build your tables you always face the same problems.
Yesterday i got the confirmation on GitHub that this pattern is subject to be changed.
Time for me to show how this pattern can be transformed to a normal HTML element and to show some advanced techniques to deal with tables in responsive web designs.

See the Pen Office UI Fabric – Table by Stefan Bauer (@StfBauer) on CodePen.14928

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Responsive List Forms – Don’t panic it’s just a table

When it comes to responsive web design and tables some people might get a panic. In general there is nothing bad about tables. Just treat them right.

This time I like to show how to make list forms responsive. Actually, this sound harder than it really is just because the form is rendered in a table. A table is as good and flexible as any other HTML element and can be transformed into any other form.



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Office UI Fabric is now fully supported for use with

Bower and Office UI Fabric

Last week I played a little bit with node.js, gulp and Office UI Fabric. When I tried to install this UI Framework through i wanted to inject this bower components directly into my source code via gulp-wiredep. Sadly this failed because somehow the packages was broken. After a short research i found the reason for that and fixed it right in the framework on GitHub.

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