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Update on how to include 3rd party CSS in SharePoint Framework

Finally, we upgraded SASS to a new version of SASS, which brings tons of changes to your development. It started in SharePoint Framework version 1.15, and the transition is now completed in 1.16.1. While importing 3rd party CSS via ‘@import’ is still possible, this option will be lost at some point.

Title screen on Update on 3rd party CSS in SPFx

Let me explain what other options you have to import 3rd party CSS to your web parts or extension CSS.[Read more]

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hTWOo on Microsoft the Cloud Show ep. 407

Last week I had the great honour to talk with friend Andrew Connell about my newest project, hTWOo UI, on the Microsoft Cloud Show. I highly recommend listening to this podcast in general but in specific this episode.

We talked about the ideas and concept behind hTWOo, Fluent Design and the current problem developers facing. Especially why it is a suitable alternative for your development on the Microsoft 365 platform.

Check out Episode 407 and enjoy!!!


SVG background in CSS without base64 encoding – Possible?

While working on a side project, I asked myself the interesting question if it would be possible to use SVG in CSS as a background image.
It is relatively simple if you use the SVG as an external file, but what if the object of the background is simple and I like to use it directly as an SVG is CSS.

SVG in CSS without base64

In the past, I always base64 encode the source of the SVG image, which is not needed.

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PnP SPFx generator 1.6 released – A release to make your developer and team leads life easier

Without a doubt, the SharePoint Framework is one of the most successful adoptions and customisation models that has ever found its way into SharePoint, and there are reasons for this.

Over the past years, I talked and worked together with many developers that haven’t ever touched SharePoint before or found its way into this Application.

Many of those had a background in C# while, especially for a branding project, was more living in the web world. The overall feedback was that it is this kind of development unique in many ways.

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