Boxes and positioning – Enhance rich text editor – Part 2

Part one was all about the basics of customizing the rich text editor. This part will show some advanced CSS styling definitions. For a nice looking text layout are boxes handy to position side notes, images, videos or any kind of elements beside the content.  The rich text editor has already defined boxes in the markup styles drop down called callouts but they have a fixed position defined. I also will show enhancements for positioning any kind of element.[Read more]


Enhance rich text editor using CSS – Part 1

This is the first post in a series about enhancing the rich text editor. The rich text editor in SharePoint 2010 has changed a lot and with some creativity it can be changed and enhanced for a lot of use cases. This first article provides information of a simple addition of a link to the content. It also shows how effects like hover can be handled in the rich text editor. No JavaScript is involved only pure Css. [Read more]