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PnP/SPFx generator 1.8.1 released – Minor updates and ramp up from 1.8.0

PnP SPFx 1.8.1 released

The new version 1.8.1 has been released. This version was possible through the supported by Vincent Biret and Jake Stanger. Thank you very much.

Azure DevOps CI updated

The Azure DevOps pipeline definition has been updated to support NodeJS 10 now. Made possible through the update of @microsoft/generator-sharepoint – 1.8.2 released earlier.

CSSComb – to make your CSS better structured

This new version comes now with the option to include CSSComb to your project. In general, this tool allows you automatically reorder properties used in a CSS file to make the code more consistent. The configuration in the file ‘.csscomb.json’ gets added to the root folder of a new proejct.

CSS Comb in Action

The Visual Studio Code Extension named ‘CSSComb‘ is required to make this working.

Roundup from the PnP/SPFx 1.8.0 release

The following enhancements already have been introduced in the previous release.

Additional updates for PnP Libraries

Easy selection of TypeScript version

TypeScript Selection

SPFx does not support multiple TypeScript versions for all SharePoint Online projects. For more straightforward configuration, you can directly pick the desired version, and PnP/SPFx add all updated dependencies for you.

So no more manual upgrade to a newer TypeScript version for newly created projects.

Office UI Fabric integration

Office UI Fabric Selection

Office UI Fabric can now be selected directly during the provisioning process of a new project. In case of SharePoint Online, it allows you to select Office UI Fabric 6.0.0 with or without the Fluent Theme.

SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2019 based projects also come with this support, but in this case, the older Office UI Fabric version 5.0.0 can be used.

Additional Frameworks

Additional vetting options

Project upgrades powered by Office 365 CLI

Last but not least a while now supported is the upgrade your projects to the latest release powered by Office 365 CLI.

To install

npm install -g @pnp/generator-spfx

Thank you for your support

Thank you very much for the steadily growing use of this generator, for your support, updates, Pull Request and ideas.

Sharing is caring!!!

More on the GitHub Project Page or in the documentation

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