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HTML 5 Rocks – Where to find information ?

Nearly thirteen years ago i wanted to start building web sites. I asked a friend who already was familiarly with HTML how to learn The answer was simple “Go to Read HTML specification. Read CSS specification. After you know all those specification”. At this time it sound like a useful information to me. I learned those specification and start writing.

Nowadays i’m right back where is started. I started reading HTML5 and CSS3 specification again. The reason for this is simple. Good HTML 5 informations are hard to find and the only facts are those specifications. Most of the information i found on the web are wrong or just partial right.

Probably the best information to learn from is the HTML Working Group. The maintainer of the HTML 5 specification. For some defined html tags in the specification there are a remark on supporting browser too and you find useful examples.

Afraid of using HTML5 today ? Don’t be scared you can use it, even if someone uses IE6. Bruce Lawson have some really good information on HTML5. His test page introduces new tags like:

  • <header>
  • <nav>
  • <article>
  • <aside>
  • <footer>

Those are the prime information for me at the moment.

A bad example on HTML5 is It deals a nice graphic on HTML5 and CSS3 from a browser point of view. The problem with this site is the mixture no HTML5 features and false information. For example SVG, Geolocation are not defined in the HTML5 or CSS3 specification. The caniuse site is useful but html5 readiness puts in a wrong context.

Googles provide a great range of information but it has the same mixture of no HTML5 features. So you won’t get exactly a clue what HTML5 really is.

Alt those information has a right to exist, but i really like hard facts more.

Soon i will provide more useful information on HTML5.

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  1. This is a useful piece. I’m a student trying to learn more about the web design industry and I really enjoyed reading your article. It’s certainly worth sharing!


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