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SharePoint 2010 over IE 9: The perfect combination

The upcoming version of Internet Explorer is near at first public beta. The main features of the new Microsoft Browser is focused on performance and web standard compliance. Over the last couple of weeks the last technical preview was released and the first public beta will be released on 15. September 2010.

One of the new mayor benefits in IE9 is a whole new reengineered Javascript engine named Chakra. It has the ability for better useage of multi core CPU’s. In the SharePoint 2010 the new user interface use many javascript for rendering the menus. So what could be better as a solid fast browser engine.

First of all the good news. SharePoint 2010 and IE9 works as expected, which i find quite impressing for a pre-beta technical preview. As expected the Performance of SharePoint 2010 is much more better than on IE8. Currently i haven’t done any benchmarks but from my point of view loading IE9 loads 50% faster than IE8.

If do a test yourself you must be carful because IE9 try to load SharePoint 2010 in IE8 document mode. This behaviour could be switched using “Debug” menu or simply press ALT+9 Shortcut. Only with those setting you will get the best out of performance.

The latest pre-beta of IE9 is avaliable
Hopefully the beta will do the job quite well too.

Let’s give it a try and tell me what you think about SharePoint 2010 and IE9.