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Remote form customization in modal dialogs

You might know this situation, when you like, for example, pass a query string to a modal dialog to preselect values in a list form. With SharePoint Designer or custom development this is an easy task. What if you like to customize the form without permanently modifying the form itself?

In this post series I will show my newly discovered way to have better control over forms.

How come? Well over the last week I had the request once again, to pre-fill a list form with values from another list. So I was thinking to myself that there must be a better ways to do this task. Lucky me I found one.

In the next posts I will first introduce you to the basic concept of this kind of customization.

The series is planned to contain the parts:

In all these parts the customisations will be done using JavaScript / JQuery and our best friend SP Services, when it comes to SharePoint customization. In all those part I leave the form dialogs untouched. No additional web part on the forms will be used.

Hope you enjoy this series and maybe I will add some additional chapters at the end.