Optimize your SPFx projects with React.lazy

SharePoint Framework offers you a pretty solid project setup, but on the other hand, it doesn’t give you options to optimise the gulp, build or the webpack configuration.
The more web parts exist in a single project, the slower the build task become and all the code in the project will be compiled at once, instead of smaller incremental builds. Technical possible but not yet supported.

Optimise your SPFx project with React.lazy

The good thing is that there are some options you can directly trigger from your web part code. Some of these options affect webpack others can be applied in ReactJS. Not only in case of build times but also case of user experience and web part performance.

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SharePoint Framework and the Office UI Fabric grid system

A while a GitHub issue in the sp-dev-docs came to my attention, where someone had a problem titled as Can’t get grid system working using office fabric ui react. I took a closer look on why it is so challenging to get the grid system running right now and in SPFx projects in general. There are some catches you need to be aware.

Some of those issues are already documented in the a blog post on How to make your web parts responsive to the parent container or How to use Bootstrap in SharePoint Framework projects. Here is the rest of the story.

Office UI Fabric is somewhat like the first and foremost first third-party Framework that you may want to use in all your projects to create a seamless experience with the rest of the Office 365 platform. It is not exclusively to SharePoint or SharePoint Framework Projects.

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