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SharePoint Online Live Reload Application customizer released

In my last blog post on how to make live-reload possible in SharePoint Online. I mentioned the possibility to write an application customizer that one the connection to your local workbench. Now I released the first version of this tool.

You find the code in my SPO-Reload git repository. To use this application customizer, you have to create in any of the site collection that should make use of this tool to create a site collection based application catalogue.

The best way to do this is to use the Office 365 CLI, and the command spo site app catalog add

spo site appcatalog add --url https://contoso.sharepoint/sites/site

Once this app catalogue got created, upload the sppkg-file and add the Application Customizer to your site collection.

Active SPO-live-reload Application Customiser

Once this is on your site collection, you should see a small banner on the bottom, and the right corner says SPO Live Reload.

I hope this improves your workflow and make development with the SharePoint Framework a bit faster and easier.

You can either fork or clone my GitHub repo or download a pre-built version.