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PnP/SPFx 1.9.0 released – What’s new? What’s changed?

Today a new version of the PnP SPFx community generator has been released that comes with the following updates.

This new version supports now the @microsoft/generator-sharepoint version 1.9.1.

PnP/SPFx 1.9.0 released

TypeScript version 3.4 and 3.5 added

Two new TypeScript versions added to the supported list. Now new projects support from version 2.9 to 3.5. This option automatically adjusts the configuration of your project.

TypeScript update in SPFx

TypeScript update in SPFx

Angular 6 / 7

In this version, the Angular Project handling has updated. It supports now Angular 6 and Angular 7. Besides, it automatically checks the version and enables Ivy, the next generation compilation and rendering pipeline, with improves the size of the Angular Element bundle as well as the TypeScript compilation time.

Ivy default for Angular7

The Angular option gets automatically disabled if the Angular CLI cannot found in the global package installations.

In future, we are looking to support Angular 8, but right now some unsolved difficulties surfaced during out tests.

SPFx-uifabric-themes support added

SPFx UI Fabric Themes is an npm package that gives you support for more theme slots in your custom SASS used in your web part.

The SPFx integrated supports strictly the theme slots used by Office UI Fabric. This enhancement allows you to use theme colours in a more fine-grained way. Check out the release post of the latest version or the documentation.

Integration of Office 365 CLI

The integration of Office 365 CLI in this generator allows you to check if your existing project matches the installed generator automatically.

Upgrade with Office 365 CLI

Upgrade with Office 365 CLI

Besides, it gives you guidance on how to upgrade outdated projects to the latest version.

More goodies


  • Enhanced ReactJS
  • Enhanced KnockOut
  • Enhanced HTML projects (No Framework)
  • Handlebars – 4.1.2
  • Vue – 2.6.10

Other libraries

Getting started using PnP/SPFx

via NPM

npm install -g @pnp/generator-spfx

via YARN

yarn global add @pnp/generator-spfx

via PNPM

pnpm install -g @pnp/generator-spfx

Make sure to checkout the documentation or the GitHub Project.