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Fluent Design Assets for your Office and Microsoft 365 user interface

Microsoft recently released new design assets to create experiences using the latest Microsoft Fluent design language. These design assets are available as free downloads on the Office UI Fabric dedicated web site.

Fluent Desgin Assets

Most of their asset is available for design tools such as Figma, Sketch, and some are still available for Adobe XD.

Office UI Fabric, or as the web site name it now ‘Fabric’ seems to be part of the overall Microsoft Fluent Design. It covers a broader range than ever before. Besides the web framework, specific controls for iOS and Android are available too.

Office Fabric for web, iPhone or Android

Office Fabric for web, iPhone or Android

It seems like the support for design assets move more toward the support of Figma and Sketch only. Both tools are widely used in the design community and are great tools in general.

I moved all my design work to use 90%, only Adobe XD. From my experience, it is the rising tool star on the designer’s tool bag.

The good news is that Adobe XD has amazing import capabilities to import Sketch file. So the dropped support here is not an issue.

Don’t search for the import option. To use the Sketch files open those like you would typically open any other XD file. While working with the new design assets since these original files have were released, I haven’t experienced any difference.

Microsoft Web Fluent in Adobe XD

Microsoft Web Fluent in Adobe XD

Whatever is your tool of choice to create Microsoft 365 experiences. It is a great way to sketch out new ideas for user interfaces, instead of creating low-fi wireframe this an easy option to develop high-quality full-featured designs and rapid interaction demos. That looks like the final interface would look.

No matter what you use Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD. Those are design tools for any significant experience in Microsoft 365 application.