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OneDrive Files on demand for MacOS has arrived and it is great!

The latest release of OneDrive for Mac comes with an exciting new feature. Files on demand have finally arrived on MacOS. Windows Client was the first client supporting this feature. Now on MacOS, you have better control over your synced files.

Files on demand on Mac

That this feature comes is not new and was already announced on September 18 as a Beta version.

Over the last couple of month, I regularly check if it has become available outside of the Beta releases. Sadly until now, I couldn’t find any indication, but now finally it has become available.

How to enable?

From my experience, this extension for OneDrive needs manually get enabled, but the preferences section of the client now gives a walkthrough to enable it. The first step to enable is to open the preferences, and on the “Preferences” tab it shows a new section to enable this feature.

Open preference first

The first button makes this feature generally available, but there is more to configure right now. The next step is to allow the OneDrive to extend the file system. It is required to show the synchronisation information properly in finder.

Add OneDrive extension to file system

In your system preferences navigate to extensions, and this should list the following file system extension.

Configure Extension for Finder Integration

Select the checkbox in front of the “OneDrive finder extension”. Now the setup is completed, and the MacOS Finder should show the following information next to the synced folders.

Enable OneDrive finder extension

Also on a right click, you can directly Share Files or free up disk space if needed.

Files on demand on Mac

I tested this feature during this weekend and it worked really great. Helped me to do some housekeeping and remove files I don’t need to have stored all the time on my drive.

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