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Build a SharePoint / Fluent UI compliant grid from scratch

Building a grid system in the past had a lot to do with math. Luckily, implementing a grid system has dramatically changed over the last years. You don’t rely on any framework such as Fluent UI to get your things done right.

SharePoint also has a concept of single part app pages. This page type gives you an entirely blank canvas, enabling the full potential and possibilities for an application. It also comes without any grid system, but this is something we can address.

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Develop SPFx web parts for different section designs using CSS

Over the last couple of days, I banged my head against the wall. I hate when things don’t work as expected. On the other hand, I love challenges.

The thing we are talking about the documentation on “Supporting section background“. To be clear, the documentation is correct. It works as described. The issue I and many others have with this documentation it does not apply to your project.

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Microsoft Teams in Schools – The COVID-19 emergency school protocol

Austria has been in shutdown mode for more than ten days affecting both school and universities. Both teachers and students have tried hard to continue their lectures and started to use all kinds of technologies available to them. It’s probably an understatement to say they’re all overwhelmed.

Microsoft teams in schools

The school system in Austrian was caught off guard in some ways. With E-learning platforms hardly used, they became from one day to another essential.
Another tool that now makes its appearance in Education is Microsoft Teams, where no one ever thought about it before. Now it is omnipresent not only for business but also in the school system and used for communication and exchange with students and pupils.

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