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This was my year 2013 – Warm welcome to 2014 !!!

Happy New Year to all the readers of my blog and I wish you all the best. The year 2013 is gone and there were a lot of things I’ve done. I love to take the new challenges for the year 2014 and this will be an amazing year for sure. I also have to thank the community for the great feedback I received.

The right time to take a last look back to the gone year and look forward to a fantastic year 2014.

I was honored when Mark Jones asked me to join to be part of the community representatives. To join this group of people was on of the best decisions I ever made. It’s fun and challenging to build up such community.

Soon after joining we started to make the first idea to organize an online conference. This is now better known as To me it was also a great opportunity to show my skills and develop the responsive web design based on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation from scratch.

SP24 Conference

The 24 – Hours SharePoint Conference

SharePoint Forums

I started to help other people back in the year 2011. I love to answer questions there, because they are very useful in several ways. Read quality reply by other and learn about other people challenges. The last thing helped me a lot to do my job better. I was awarded in the year 2011 / 2012 with the SharePoint Community award. In 2013 I wasn’t awarded because I had too many side projects. This year I passed the score of 10.000 points, which indeed was unreachable when I started.


I still love to blog. Not only on this blog. I also joined This is a German blog about SharePoint Branding.

One highlight of my blog was that I reached 100.000 page views.

I feel honored to save Mark Anderson time and he published one of my blog post Retrieve Managed Metadata using JavaScript and SPServices in his SPServices Stories.


Hopefully I get more opportunities to speak about cutting edge web technologies and how they can be applied to SharePoint. Currently I have one event in my plan, where I will have a session but I truly hope that this won’t be the only one.

I only had one opportunity to speak that I really enjoyed. It was at the ShareCamp in Vienna the session there was about “Responsive vs Adaptive web design and Device Channels”.

The presentation I published on slide share had currently more than 2000 views and was massively shared. Thanks to all who enjoyed and shared it.


I really enjoy traveling all over the world and have already some destinations on my road map for this year.

Hope to meet many of you at these conferences.

Happy new year and wish you all the best !!!

Have a good start in the year 2014.