Browser-sync and node-gyp need some Vitamin C to run on Windows

Recently I had and issue with browser-sync on Windows. The problem came from node-gyp, a cross platform compiler that is integrated in Node.js. Exactly this module of Node.js was throwing an error that stated ‘Python is missing’ on Windows.
Actually the thing is a little bit more tricky and over the last couple of days I read many problems with node-gyp and Windows. Some mentioned to install Visual Studio Community Edition as well as other components found on the Microsoft Web Site.
The only thing Windows needs is just some Vitamin C in the form of a Visual C++.

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How I develop in SharePoint and Office 365 now

In my session at the SPS Antwerp I showed the attendees how my personal branding workflow evolved over the past two years. For the demos all I needed was my web browser and Yeoman.IO.
I presented all of my stuff on the ancient looking MacOS armed with SharePoint virtual machines and in Office 365.

The reason why I switch my development workflow to yeoman was because I can do many things faster. I currently use it for all my SharePoint related branding and JavaScript development.
It works great for my for Office 365 development as for SharePoint On-premises. No more deployments during development just use it.
I use the resources out of Yeoman such as JavavScript and CSS files directly out of it. Just as we use things from a CDN such as jQuery. Before I can dig deeper on how to use it the first thing to do is to get your development environment ready.

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