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Introducing the idea of Archive Hub Sites

A common practice these days is to organise site collection in hub sites. It gives you a great possibility to arrange your content more dynamically than ever before in SharePoint. On specific site type, we are dealing in any SharePoint project, for example, are project sites.

These project workspaces only have a defined start and end date. A site collection like this can be useful for a couple of weeks, to month or in case of long-running projects for years. What to do when the workspace reached his end of life?

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What is inside your SharePoint CSS

What is inside the SharePoint CSS

Ever wondered what is defined in the corev15.css? Let’s take a little look to some statistics of this style sheet. Another thing I like to consider how you change the style sheets when additional frameworks such as bootstrap will be applied to SharePoint. Plus, we will take a look how SharePoint Style Sheets will be changed when an branding will be added based on Bootstrap.

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Make custom list forms centralized manageable

SharePoint Designer is a great tool for prototyping but it can really mess up your installation. I want to show a new way / old way how customized form could be make centralised manageable.

For example if you want to create a list form that has certain columns visible to users with a special permission. The fastest way to get there is to create a custom list form is in SharePoint Designer. A tutorial for this can be found at Microsoft Create a custom list form using SharePoint Designer – SharePoint ….

Customising form works great as long as you have a single list and a single form in your portal. If someone saved the list as template and created new instance, the problem start to begin when something needs to be changed in the form.[Read more]