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Storage Quota Update on SharePoint Online – Minimum 1GB

Recently the user interface to create site collections in SharePoint Online have been updated. The storage quota unit is now gigabytes instead of megabytes. So be careful not to set a storage quota of 1024 gigabytes instead of megabytes. Let’s take a look why this happened.

Changed interface of storage quota

Changed interface of storage quota

To take a look in the past you can check the official documentation on “How to set storage quota“. Beside this change on the limitation the calculation to evaluate the storage limits has been changed too. This new feature is called pooled storage.

Pooled storage

In the past the overall storage quota assigned to a site collection had to fit inside the overall storage allocation of my tenants.
Now I can have as many site collections as I need. The only limitation now is that the overall stored content may not exceed the storage allocation of my tenants.

You can now more easily manage storage quota for SharePoint Online team sites based on real usage, and forget about setting aside fixed amounts per site collection.
— Mark Kashman

Somehow I missed or forgot the blog post on how to simplify the storage management in SharePoint Online..

Finally, this update found its way to my development, tenant and brings a lot of benefits. I can now test each customer project or SharePoint Add-in (formally know as apps) in a dedicated site collection rather that mix those up.

I can now have up to 500.000 site collections per tenant. A great number I may not exceed that quick in the future.

Automatic storage quota

While I was writing the blog post I checked if the settings for automatic storage quota is yet available on my tenant. Currently this setting is still missing.

Pooled storage will be currently rolled out

Pooled storage will be currently rolled out

According to the Office 365 road map this feature is currently rolling out. I guess it shouldn’t take long until the automatic storage limitation finds the way to my tenant too. This will bring some additional benefits.

What is still missing – Auto server resource management

Hopefully we will see some similar auto assignment feature for server resource too. This setting is in general not needed anymore. The only reason to assign server resource is when sandbox solutions are used. So in general you can set this value to 0.

In case you like to restore a site collection from recycle bin you need to have at least 300 server resources available.