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SPS Antwerp – On week later

Last Saturday I had the great opportunity to speak at the SharePoint Point Saturday Belgium in Antwerp. It was my first public speaking, I ever did. First, I like to thank the whole SPS Belgium team to make this happen. It was a great event at the ALM. It was a beautiful location.

Antwerp Central Station

How I get there

Somehow it was a good run of bad luck how I got to Antwerp on Friday. Woke up on 5:15 and missed the taxi to the airport. Got right on time into the plane but then the flight was twenty minutes delayed. In Brussels the train then was 26 minutes delayed and broke down one station right before my final stop at Brussels Central Station. Finally I got there.

Stop your SharePoint CSS becoming a di-SASS-ter today!

My session was on how to use SASS to brand SharePoint, make the CSS code more reusable and add how to structure your SASS files.
It is all about how my branding workflow changed throughout the year. In my case I adopted the Atomic Design approach by Brad Frost to create single files for each purpose.

Here are some impressions of my session.

Personal impression on SPS Antwerp

After two times at SPS Stockholm this was my third SharePoint Saturday. I really enjoyed the whole event. BIWUG did a great job to set this all up. Thank you very much for having me. The days in Antwerp were wonderful. You will also find the other great sessions on slideshare.

You can download here some of my code snippets I used during my session.