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SimpleStyle version 0.3 released – Yeoman

It’s been a while since the first release of the SimpleStyle yeoman generator. In the mean time some smaller releases happened and things have been patched up.
Recently I made some additional enhancements that now lead to the release of version 0.3 available now to install.
The following improvements have been made.

File handling on Windows

While I tried hard to support Windows too, there were some glitches with the file handling on windows. While all other systems add forward slashes to the file path Windows use escaped backslashes. This caused some problem when patterns have been added, renamed or deleted.
Now all file paths are normalised on all systems using forward slashes in the ‘pattern.conf.json’.

CORS requests from localhost

All browsers have strict cross origin policies which caused troubles to load assets from localhost in SharePoint on premises and Office 365.
Therefor the configuration of browser-sync has been modified and can now serve as a middleware allowing CROS origins from all addresses. This makes it easier to directly test responsive designs in Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises on various hardware devices and emulators. It’s just a small update, but adds a lot of convenience.

Get connected

In case you run into problems that are not bugs or need any guidance I set up a Gitter chat. In future there will be a Slack channel available soon.
As always, if you like to help me improve the style guide, please feel free to contact me via Giter.
If you find a major show stopper or have a suggestion for improvement. Please submit an issue on the GitHub repository.