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PnP/SPFx 1.6.0-beta1 published – StyleLint, Webpack Bundle Analyzer, Jest Testing and more

Today I published the first beta version of the upcoming PnP/SFPx version 1.6.0. It is the most significant releases since the launch of the Angular Elements support for SPFx.


Instead of adding new frameworks at the moment this release focuses more on your development workflow. There are updates included that helps you to write cleaner code, reduce bundle sizes and last but not least helps you on testing your ReactJS projects.

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Lift the curtains on SPFX and improve your debugging

When you are working with SPFX and you start it with gulp serve, it takes some time to start. During this startup many things happen but there are not clear indication if SPFx is working or what it actually does.

gulp server - default start

gulp server – default start

Once the workbench was started you see all the gulp task that will be executed with or without error and what it actually does.
The background tasks are well hidden, but you can take a peek into those background activities. It’s just a simple trick, but I use it every time now when I work with SPFX now.
Instead, execute gulp server and add the command line option --verbose. Execute SPFx with:

Now the hidden world and architecture of SPFX will become more visible. In additon you get sometimes many additonal informations what might goes wrong.

gulp serv - with verbose logging

gulp serv – with verbose logging

From my point of view, it is easier and helps with debugging.
I will also see if the issue is caused by your configuration, code or locate a problem with SPFX.

Happy coding!!!

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A bash on Windows and the new SharePoint Framework


You might have heard the Unix Bash Shell is now coming to Windows. To be more specific a whole Linux sub system based on the Ubuntu distribution comes to Windows. This addition to Windows was announce at this years Build Conference and I knew exactly how this would match to my clients and other people in the SharePoint Community. Especially with the new SharePoint Framework you should know this option because it makes many things easier using NodeJS on Windows.

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Web stack development – A 19 year old love – Office PNP Webcast

I started web development in 1997 with some basic HTML pages and Style Sheets. Shortly after I installed my first Apache Web Server, PHP and MySql on my PC.
Soon after I fell in love with the web and web technologies in general. It was natural for me that I got my first job as a web developer for a huge company in my home town. The following year we built intranet systems and web application for this company. All built on this web stack and developed mostly locally.

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Browser-sync and node-gyp need some Vitamin C to run on Windows

Recently I had and issue with browser-sync on Windows. The problem came from node-gyp, a cross platform compiler that is integrated in Node.js. Exactly this module of Node.js was throwing an error that stated ‘Python is missing’ on Windows.
Actually the thing is a little bit more tricky and over the last couple of days I read many problems with node-gyp and Windows. Some mentioned to install Visual Studio Community Edition as well as other components found on the Microsoft Web Site.
The only thing Windows needs is just some Vitamin C in the form of a Visual C++.

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