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5 facts every SharePoint developer should know on the new PNP/SPFx 1.1.0 release

Time is running fast. It is more than a week ago since the first release of the Pattern and Practices open source community generator was released. After one week we already have a new release ready for you that makes it even easier for you to get started your development.

pnp generator 1.1.0 released
Here are five things that make your life easier.

You don’t need to upgrade your @microsoft/sharepoint installation

An extreme example of Community Generator 1.1 and SPFx generator 1.2 – please keep the stuff up to date

In case you decided to stay on a specific @microsoft/sharepointgenerator version for your normal development, but you are keen to see the new possibility of the SharePoint Framework Version 1.6.

Try the community generator. This generator comes with the latest version of SPFx without the need to upgrade your SPFx generator to the latest version. An if you still use any of the older versions, like 1.4.1, 1.5.0 for your current running projects. You can postpone the upgrade but please stay up to date with the generator.

You can run the generator run two, three, four time, as many times you like

Like the Microsoft SPFx generator, you can run the community generator as many times you like. You don’t get the frameworks and add-ons selection anymore and stay in your chosen framework.

New asset will be provisioned with the framework you choose previously

In case you selected a framework such as HandelbarJS you get a new web part including this framework and saves your valuable development time.

100% the @microsoft/sharepoint + addons

This PnP community generator is 100% built on the default generator and the outcome when you create a new project is 100% an SPFx project.

With the official releases, we try to keep it in sync as fast possible with the official releases.

Right after a new SharePoint Framework solution release, we upgrade, test the upgrade for breaking changes and possible issues and publish a new community generator version.

Even if you develop everything in React or jQuery the community generator makes sense for you

We included all standard generators the PnP generator to be able to extend their functionalities in future.

Choose your framework

In this new release, we especially extended the React support with two new libraries you can choose to install right from the start of your project.

Select your libraries to include

These new libraries are the property controls for the SharePoint Framework solutions and the SharePoint Framework React Controls.

For the property controls, there is no particular requirement for any framework. The property pane control gets always rendered as a React control.

You can even select jQuery when you start a new project.

The version 1.1.0 is out now!

I hope you are now convinced to give it a try. To install or upgrade the generator execute the following command:

npm i -g @pnp/generator-spfx@latest

Don’t forget to visit on our Github Project Site or the documentation site.

Your feedback is always welcome, please Share it with the community on the Github page. Helping hands are always welcome too.

Sharing is Caring ❤️

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